1898160_10153949942960215_1495139310_nSocial Designer & Human Geographer

Anne van Strien is graduated in Human Geography (MSc) at Radboud University Nijmegen (2015). As a researcher, she is interested in transitions in urban developments towards more sustainable forms of living. Trained as a Social Designer at Design Academy Eindhoven (BDes, 2012), Anne is always looking for ways how people are experiencing and behaving in their environment, with an eye on both European as well as Latin American (urban) landscapes. She focuses on studying how people behave in space and make place taking quality of life into account in its broadest sense. As such, she is currently deepening her knowledge on (urban) transitions. In this ‘transition landscape’, Anne searches for new connections between disciplines, to understand and interpret transition processes from different angles. Connecting theory and practice in a co-creative way is leading in her work.

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