Learning from Lowlands

Temporality, energy, waste, infrastructure, money, safety, living, circular streams of and in the city: Lowlands is just like an ordinary city a place in which spatial issues are at play in a condensed way. During this ‘lifestyle festival with sustainable character’ will be experimented with water, waste, energy, safety, money, and temporary constructions. Nederlandwordtanders questions how spatial professionals can learn from this temporary, light and experimental way of city making. Therefore, the expedition ‘Learning from Lowlands’ will be organized during the festival.

I will be part of the expedition team. As a group of 10 placemakers, we will visually explore the possibilities for applying temporary use of spaces for tomorrows questions in our urban environments, after analogy of the book Learning from Las Vegas. In the form of a pop-up research team, we will do exploratory fieldwork on the festival terrain. The results of this study will be published in a publication (magazine, journal) later this year, as part of the Dutch Year of Space (Jaar van de Ruimte).

Learning from Lowlands is an initiative of Nederlandwordtanders in collaboration with Atelier Rijksbouwmeester, TU Delft and Jaar van de Ruimte.