The Wise City – Summerschool

Towards a sustainable city

The world, the city, the neighbourhood; places are in transition. The road towards sustainability seems to be within reach more than ever. To widen the debate about the future of the sustainable city, The Wise City creates space for discussion about the paradigm shift and essential assets The Wise City should entail.

The Wise City in practice

What is needed for and in the Wise City is going to be tested this summer, during the summer school “The Wise City – An exploratory journey towards the sustainable city”. This summer school will guide us along the road and will provide space to explore what the wise city can be and can mean for its inhabitants. The summer school will generate human energy, the vital fuel that inspires and empowers people to co-operate in creating the Wise City. The educational purpose of the summerschool is to explore the potential of social design and social innovation for the Wise City. By exploring the city and its Wise potential, new modes of interaction can arise. This summer school offers an innovative space to learn about the Wise City; to create collective wisdom.

State of the Art knowledge creation

The Wise City strives to explore the city from a circular city perspective, in which the city is approached from the human scale, connecting the social, ecological and economic domain. Through a dialog between theory and practice, the Wise City strives to approach the city from a holistic perspective. The summerschool will entail three main themes that together create, steer and guide the road towards the Wise City. Core themes

within this framework are (1) 60+30-, in which we will explore the meaning of the future social care system (possbilities & opportunities), (2) Into the Wild, in which we will explore the possibilities to green urban spaces, and (3) The Circular Economy, in which we will explore possibilities for a neighbourhood based, local circular economy. Along these main themes, we will give attention to the participants’ personal and collective development: what is (y)our role in the transition process towards a Wise City? What can we/you do today, tomorrow, in the future? These ‘tracks’ will inspire us with insights how to create (in) the Wise City. As such, the summer school will provide new and inspiring knowledge for social design and citymaking.

Start Local, think Global

As a starting point, the city of Eindhoven will serve as a case-study to research and experiment with the notion of the Wise City, exploring what this new perspective can mean for a city and the local context of the neighbourhood. Hence, the Doornakkers neighbourhood will be the playground for the summerschool, where the themes described above will be studied. Yet, by exploring the transition towards the Wise City in the city of Eindhoven, insights can be gained that may be valuable for a wider range of cities all over the world.

More information on Summerschool The Wise City can be found here.